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At BAO, We believe that the mutual prosperity for customers and us truly depends on how we manage our company.

We have been guided by the following principles: Honesty; Integrity and Sincerity; Respect for work; Professional service.

Honesty: To behave as an honest person, to speak honest words and do honest things;
Integrity and Sincerity: To treat colleagues and customers as our relatives and friends, and feel no pity when exercising self-examination; To handle business profitably for both sides on a fair basis;
Respect for work: To be loyal to the company; To work diligently and efficiently;
Professional service: To provide best services to the customers wholeheartedly; To focus on our customers' demands and challenges through good communications;

We promote trust, openness, innovation, teamwork and professionalism, and we take pride in what we do.

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